Insertion machine is not a part of the manufacturing process where manufacturers want to invest a great deal of human resources. It is often monotonous work and can dramatically impact on production line quality and efficiency.
The machine optimize labor, improve quality and increase productivity.
The insertion machine also reduce part handing and part damage, and can be also customized to suit highly specialized applications


  • 72KN force and 24 inch (610mm) throat depth;
  • 100% safety system;
  • Positive stop function is standard with the machine;
  • Re-design Reliability and energy efficiency of a full hydraulic system, ensure the force repeatability +/-1%;
  • Optional auto feeding system and the self-clinch tooling;
  • Re-design strong C-frame to eliminate the deformation;
  • Possibility to insert M12 nut with the mild steel;
  • Variable dwell time for use with the stainless steel M8 nut and materials and the other hard materials;