Shears GC series

Constant, precisione and straightness of the cut

The Shear GC range goes from 4 to 30 mm
Equipped with new technical systems solutions that ensure operator comfort. It differs from traditional shears thanks to a different and more advanced cutting technology which ensures high consistency, precision and straightness of the workpiece.


  • Innovative hydraulic system
  • Thrust of cylinders perfectly aligned with the blade carrier beam
  • Hold down units with proportional pressure self adjuste
  • Blade carries beam guides along the entire cutting length
  • Ball screw back gauge
  • Squaring front support arm complete with disappearing gauge, rules and screw balls
  • “U” profile ball bench for sheet handling, screw balls and front support
  • Front support
  • Blades with two cutting edges (with four on request)
  • LED lighting cutting line
  • CNC control for automatic setting of:
    *Blade gap;
    *Rake angle;
    *Cutting length;
  • Anti twist device (optional)