• NX-1

    Speed, productivity, reliability,low consumption and respect for the environment With the RAINER technology the Punching System has became an electrical axis with high characteristics of accuracy, speed and reliability. Thanks to these characteristics RAINER punch press centeres are confirmed among the more interesting machines on the sheet metal working market. The reliability of RAINER technology is based on the quality of the components used, on the brillant design and semplicity of assembly; the system is activated by high power torque motor.

  • Presse Brakes G-TOP

    technological synthesis of the universal press brake The G-TOP range goes from 60 to 600 tons.

  • Press Brakes X-BRAVO

    Simple, essential, precise and reliable and cost-effective The X-BRAVO range goes from 60 to 170 tons. The standard equipment studied for the ...

  • Shears GC series

    Constant, precisione and straightness of the cut The Shear GC range goes from 4 to 30 mm Equipped with new technical systems solutions that ensure ...


    Insertion machine is not a part of the manufacturing process where manufacturers want to invest a great deal of human resources. It ...